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Utilities Infrastructure


We are exceptional at assessing and offering solutions

Ace1 Management consultants assist in the provision of professional services to help improve performance.

  • Ace1 Consultants provide expert advice to clients on specific issues or problems.
  • We Constult in a variety of industries
  • Ace1 Consultants typically have a degree in the relevant field and many years of experience in their industry.


At Ace1 Consulting, we are a professionals who provide expert guidance and advice to our clientel.  Our consultants may be hired to help solve a specific problem, or to help make better decisions about a certain issue or project. 

Our Ace1 Consultants provide consultancy, feasibility studies, project management, due diligence reviews, technical evaluations and environmental impact assessments. Supportive activities may also include marketing research and business development, production planning, legal and technical support.

An Ace1 consultation is an evaluation of the environmental and economic effects of a proposed activity or development on utilities infrastructure and other supportive activities.  The goal of such a consultation is to identify any potential impacts, solve problems and recommend ways to avoid or minimize them.

We provide consultation on the installation, maintenance, and repair of utilities, generally including a large number of public and private agencies, requiring effort for coordination and integrated planning.  Ace1 Consultants offer guidance with regards to all these design and planning details.

Utilities Infrastructure<br />
Utilities Infrastructure<br />

Generation plants

Ace1 utility generation consultants provide technical and engineering services to electric power generators. They may work with fossil fuel, nuclear, or renewable energy sources to help ensure that these facilities are operated safely and efficiently.

Utility generation plants are power plants that generate electricity for public or private use.  Working with utility companies to ensure that the power supply is reliable and meets the needs of the customers.

Utilities Infrastructure<br />

Sewer & Drains

Sewer and drain consultancy is a professional service that provides advice on the design, installation, and maintenance of sewer and drainage systems. We help you choose the right system for your needs, plan and design the system, and provide support during installation and offer advice on how to keep your sewer and drainage system running smoothly in the long term.

Utilities Infrastructure<br />

Cable & wires

Cable and wire consultants are engineers who specialize in the design and installation of electrical cables and wires.  Ace1 cable and wire consultants have experience with a variety of cable types and wiring configurations, and they can help utilities plan and execute projects that require new or upgraded cable systems.

Our Approach

Our consultants are often brought in to help with difficult problems that the client is unable to solve on their own, or when the client needs expert advice for making important decisions.

Utilities Infrastructure<br />